on grapefruit (+ a cocktail recipe)

Once on a lonesome wintry morning in Minnesota, I cut open a grapefruit for breakfast. The vibrance inside astonished me. The sunlight went wild for it. I felt like I'd discovered some marvelous edible organic geode.

As a small girl, grapefruit was one of my favorite things. Before eating, I would determine which triangle of fruit flesh was largest, and then — with one of those clever little serrated-tip spoons — I would start with the one right next to it, so that after working my way round, the last one would be the biggest and the best.

These days, when I’m not eating them straight up, I like to mix grapefruit juice into orange juice for a particularly tasty morning drink (a trick I learned from my Dad), or if it’s later in the day, splash some into a gin & tonic and add mint leaves.



- put some icecubes in a glass
- pour in a decent splash of gin (try Tanqueray or Hendrick's, or whatever your favourite is)
- add in some freshly pressed grapefruit juice, let's say a couple tablespoons or so
- fill the glass the rest of the way with tonic water (Fever tree, Fentiman's and Boylan Heritage are all good ones) 
- gently rub a couple fresh mint leaves between your fingers to release the flavour, and tuck them between the ice cubes

Voilà! Drink and delight. Enjoy your minty fingers.